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The Ultimate Wedding Website Guide

Feb 11, 2019

how to make a wedding website

How to Create an Effective Wedding Website

Wedding websites are one of the newer aspects of wedding planning, but they are quickly becoming essential. Not only are they a pretty place to tell your story, celebrate your wedding party, and post your gorgeous engagement photos, they are a resource for your guests. If done correctly, wedding websites can be a super effective way to answer all of your guests’ questions before they even ask them!

So today I want to share a few tips on creating and sharing an effective wedding website. Let’s jump right in!

wedding website

#1: When Should We Publish Our Wedding Website?

As soon as you start wedding planning! Your family and friends will start wondering about wedding details the minute you get engaged, so it’s great to be proactive and post details as they are decided. Even if you don’t have many details in place yet, you can start by publishing the story of how you met and your proposal story – this is a fun way to keep the excitement going after the engagement!

#2: Where Should We Publish Our Wedding Website?

There are a lot of great platforms you can use to publish your website, but here are some of the best in my opinion:

  1. The Knot : FREE! (this is what I personally used and I loved it)
  2. Squarespace
  3. Wix: FREE!
  4. Wedding Wire: FREE!
  5. Minted: FREE!
  6. Appy Couple: This is a complete wedding app
  7. Zola: FREE!
  8. Joy: A free wedding app option
wedding website

#3: What Information Should we Include on our Wedding Website?

A good way to determine what you would like to share on your wedding website is to ask yourself what information you need/would like to know when attending someone else’s wedding. Do you always wonder about the dress code for a wedding? Add it. Wish you would have known about valet parking or a cash bar before a wedding? Add it. Do you always find joy in hearing how a couple met before attending their wedding? Add your story! Really anything you want your guests to know before wedding weekend, go ahead and publish it. Here are a few items to get you started:

  1. Wedding Date
  2. Wedding Time
  3. Wedding Venue and Address *be sure to add in both addresses and transportation plans if your ceremony and reception are in two locations*
  4. Attire guidelines
  5. The story of how you met
  6. Your proposal story
  7. Engagement and/or other pictures of the two of you
  8. Pictures and info about your wedding party and/or your parents. This is a fun way to celebrate your people!
  9. Hotel Blocks/ Other Accommodations. If you are having a lot of out-of-town guests, it’s a great idea to create a page with instructions and links to your hotel blocks. That way your guests will be guaranteed to get your group rate. Click here to see how we did it!
  10. Link your registries! This is one of the questions most asked by guests, so go ahead and link them up to your wedding website- they can find it in one click!
  11. RSVP Tracking & Addresses (if your platform offers this feature)
  12. Any other special announcements or instructions

#4: Where Should We Share Our Wedding Website?

Anywhere ya can! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, the local news, a billboard, etc. Just kidding, that’s a little overkill, but seriously, just think about where your guests are most likely to see it. I think Facebook is a must, as well as Instagram, and emailing the link to your family will be a huge help as well! That way grandma and great Uncle George will be sure to see it. Make sure to include instructions as well!

#5: How Often Should We Share Our Wedding Website?

I think the best practice for this is to re-share your website anytime you add a major update, or each time you hit a milestone in the wedding countdown. Re-share when you hit the year mark, six months, three months, one month, then wedding week. This might sound like overkill, but your guests need the updates and reminders! And remember, this will eliminate guests bombarding you with questions!

wedding website

You’re Ready!

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to hit the ground running and create the most beautiful and effective wedding website ever! If you need an example or a visual for reference, you can view our wedding website here!

If you have any questions or need help when creating your website, let me know!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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