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Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner: Which One is Right for You?

Aug 14, 2019

wedding coordinator

Wedding Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner?

So you’re engaged. You have a ring, a fiancé, and maybe even a venue and a date. But now what? Do you hire a wedding planner to do the rest for you? Or wait until later and hire a coordinator? And how do you know which one is best for you?!?
Wedding coordinator vs. wedding planner is seriously such a hard decision and honestly, the differences between a wedding coordinator and a wedding planner are foggy even among other wedding industry pros.

So let’s talk through the biggest differences between the two and hopefully it’ll help you figure out which one is best for you! Because trust me, you need one or the other!

You can watch the video or read the lists below for 10 Key Differentiators for Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Planners.

10 Key Differentiators for Wedding Coordinators & Wedding Planners

Let’s start with 5 key descriptors of a coordinator.


  1. Services typically start 3-6 weeks before wedding. You usually cannot access them before this mark.
  2. When services do start, the coordinator will jumps in and help tie up any loose ends and executes your plan.
  3. A coordinator will create your weekend timeline.
  4. She/He will coordinates deliveries and vendor set up before and during the wedding.
  5. She/He will be present to act as “air traffic control” on wedding day.

In a nutshell, you do the planning and your coordinator will jump in at the end to bring your vision to life.

Now let’s talk Wedding Planner.


  1. Services start upon hire, or at the very least, 6 months before wedding.
  2. A planner will help find and hire your vendors.
  3. A planner takes the lead on design and assist in setting/following a budget .
  4. Planners are usually more accessible and are willing to coach you through planning from the very start.
  5. Your planner will of course create your timeline and be present on wedding day to act as “air traffic control.”
  6. Your planner will attend vendor meetings with you, act as your sounding board, and help you make the big ticket decisions.

Basically your planner will get to know you and your wedding vision from the very start and execute plans throughout engagement to make that vision come true.

wedding planner

Now go find your perfect Coordinator or Planner Match!

Now that you know the differences between a wedding coordinator vs a wedding planner, decide which one is the best fit for you and hire them ASAP! And remember, ALL of your vendors, but especially your planner/coordinator should be someone you relate to and you trust!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Interested in having the Jackson & June Events team plan, coordinate, or design your wedding? Find out more info here!

wedding coordination
You will spend so much time with your coordinator/planner you will feel like she’s your BFF by the time the wedding comes around. This is me with one of my brides from earlier this year 🙂

Planning Tips

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