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Vendor Spotlight: Ellis Paige Makeup

Oct 26, 2018

wedding makeup artist
photo by 19th Street Photography

In The Spotlight: Ellis Paige Makeup

For our very first Vendor Spotlight, I am so excited to feature Ellis Paige Makeup. This spotlight is super special because Ellis was my wedding day makeup artist! Ellis is such a sweetheart and was a joy to have around on wedding day. Her natural makeup technique and gentle application made all of us feel absolutely pampered.

We really threw Ellis a large job when we asked her to do makeup for 14 girls on wedding day- yes, I said 14. But she knocked it out of the park. She was never stressed and never rushed anyone out of the chair. She gave special attention to each girl- which was so important to me- I wanted everyone to feel like a princess on wedding day! So without further adieu, let’s shine the spotlight on Ellis Paige Makeup.

wedding makeup artist
wedding makeup artist
Ellis’ Masterpiece!

The Logistics

#1: Business Name: Ellis Paige Makeup

#2: Business Owner: Ellis Sutter

#3: Type of Business: Makeup Artistry

#4: Website:

#5: Social Media Contacts: @ellispaigemakeup / @ellis_sutter

#6: Location: Atlanta, GA and beyond

wedding makeup artist

The Details

#1: When did your business open?: I began my own business late 2015.

#2: What inspired you to start your business?: I have always loved makeup, but more so I loved getting to make women feel empowered and good in their own skin.  I also love business and being an entrepreneur is always something I saw myself pursuing.

#3: What is your business mission?: My mission is to help women find confidence through enhancing their unique features.

#4: What services do you offer?:  I offer all types of makeup services, but I specialize in bridal & beauty makeup!

#5: Describe your ideal client: My ideal client is a woman (typically a bride) who wants to embrace who they already are, and wants help learning how to highlight the beauty that is already there.  They want to look like the best version of themselves.

#6: How would you describe your craft style?: My makeup style is based on natural beauty.  I work on highlighting rather than covering or masking.

#7: What makes our business different from others in the industry?: I aim to be a friend with every client who sits in my chair.  During your hour or less with me I want you to feel relaxed and leave feeling more confident internally and externally.

#8:What else would you like your potential clients to know about your business? Or you?: I would like my clients to know that my business is a lot deeper than just makeup.  I truly care about how each woman views themselves, and want to be able to show everyone how inner beauty radiates outward!

wedding makeup artist
wedding makeup artist
wedding makeup artist

wedding makeup artist

About the Owner

wedding makeup artist

#1: What keeps you motivated? I am motivated by each amazing wedding day I am a part of.  I have been blessed with the best brides, and I always leave a wedding fulfilled and looking forward to the next one.

#2: Do you have a favorite song? Right now it is Bloom by The Paper Kites!

#3: What is your coffee order? Iced Coffee with two pumps of vanilla and a splash of cream (so boring!)

#4: Favorite TV Show? I live for trashy reality TV so anything on Bravo!

#5: Do you have any pets? My childhood dog who lives with me now, Willow!

#6: Is there a book or podcast that has inspired you? Goaldigger by Jenna Kutcher always gets me motivated!

#7: What is something super unique about you? It’s not too unique but I have a four year old son who is my partner in crime everyday!

#8: How do you prefer people get in touch with you? By email!

wedding makeup artist

It’s Your Turn in the Spotlight!

If you enjoyed reading about Ellis Paige Makeup, reach out to Ellis! Even if you don’t have a need for a makeup artist at the moment, follow her on social media so her business is tucked in your back pocket for future use!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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