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The Inside Scoop on Wedding Coordinators & The Ultimate Tools to use alongside Them!

Jun 19, 2019

Atlanta wedding coordinator

If you’ve already hired a wedding coordinator, you are one smart cookie. Wedding Coordinators are life-savers and give you the freedom to actually enjoy your wedding (check out 6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator TODAY to hear exactly how beneficial coordinators are). But now that you’ve hired your coordinator, your sessions with don’t start until a few weeks out from the wedding. So what in the heck do you do in the meantime? Well, we’ve got you covered.

With our “Before the Coordinator” Planning Checklist, you’ll be fully prepared to start your sessions with your coordinator a few weeks before the wedding. After that you’ll be able to sit back, relax and let him/her work their magic on scheduling, details, and vendor communication!

Stick around to the end to download your checklist for FREE!

wedding planning checklist

What happens when the sessions do start?

Now that you’ve hired your coordinator and you have the tools to be fully prepared for your coordinator sessions to start, let’s jump into what happens next.

While each and every wedding coordinator is a little different, most have the same core responsibilities: pre-wedding consultations, detail reminders, to-do list management, vendor communication, timeline creation, and day-of coordination. Basically, your wedding coordinator will take those nitty-gritty details off of your plate a few weeks out from the wedding, then be the point of contact on wedding day. So making sure all of the big “to-do’s” mentioned on the “Before the Coordinator” Planning Checklist are done or scheduled before your coordinator starts will really allow him/her to focus on the details leading up to the big day.

As a point of reference, I want to walk you through what our Jackson & June Day-of Coordinator Package looks like from point of hire to wedding day:

1. Package Start:​​​

  • Your package will start 6 weeks out from your wedding 
  • We will reach out about two weeks before this to go ahead and schedule our initial planning meeting/phone call.
  • Until your official package starts, we will shoot you a few touchpoint emails to make sure you are on track with planning and to answer any questions that you may have.
  • Once your package starts, we will take the lead on vendor communication and scheduling. At this point, if vendors do email you directly, be sure to copy us in so we’re all on the same page 🙂

2. Weekly Planning Sessions:

  • Once your package starts, we’ll schedule a weekly/biweekly planning session to review updates and make to-do lists.
  • We’ll do this via telephone or in-person, depending on our schedules.
  • The goal of these sessions is the creation of your Wedding Weekend Timeline.

3. Final Venue Walk-Through:

  • We will schedule a final walk through with your wedding venue a few weeks before the wedding. 
  • At this meeting, we will determine the venue layout and design.

4. Timeline Distribution:

  • We will distribute the Weekend Timelines to all vendors, wedding party members, and your parents! The first draft will go out to vendors 2 weeks before the wedding and a final draft will go out at the start of wedding week.

5. Rehearsal/Wedding Day:

  • We will be there to conduct your ceremony rehearsal.
  • Our team will set up and break down on wedding day.
  • We will be there to act as “air-traffic-control” and point of contact for all vendors on wedding day.
wedding coordinator meeting

Let’s Make Planning Even Easier!

So, you have your “Before the Coordinator” Planning Checklist, and you know what to expect when your coordinator takes the reigns, but let’s go one step further!

During the gap between engagement and when coordinators take over, I know a lot of brides and couples feel a little “up-in-the-air.” I’ve heard a couples say they just felt like there weren’t a lot of people or resources to turn to during this time- relatable ones at least (Bridal magazines and Google don’t necessarily cater to the “practical” bride and groom). And while you are always welcome to reach out to your coordinator before your sessions start, sometimes it’s nice to chat with others in your same situation. So, through my imagination and a few Instagram polls, the Jackson & June Bridal Connection was born.

The Jackson & June Bridal Connection is a private Facebook group exclusively for the practical bride-to-be! It is a safe place for you to ask questions, connect with other brides, bounce ideas off one another and celebrate during your wedding planning experience. We’ll have live Q & A’s, free resources and tools, and weekly wedding planning tips from yours truly! You’ll still get your wedding planning tips in blog form, but we’ll also be doing video versions of the posts if ya know, you don’t feel like reading that day.

To become a member of the Jackson & June Bridal Connection, click here! Once you’re in the group, you’ll be able to download the “Before the Coordinator” Planning Checklist for FREE!

I cannot wait to start chatting! 🙂

Happy Wedding Planning!



Interested in having the Jackson & June Events team coordinate, plan, or design your big day? Find out more info here!

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