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If you’ve already hired a wedding coordinator, you are one smart cookie. Wedding Coordinators are life-savers and give you the freedom to actually enjoy your wedding (check out 6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator TODAY to hear exactly how beneficial coordinators are). But now that you’ve hired your coordinator, your sessions with don’t start […]

The Inside Scoop on Wedding Coordinators & The Ultimate Tools to use alongside Them!

Jun 19, 2019


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Are you one of the many brides contemplating the need for a wedding planner/coordinator? If so, I totally understand. It’s a big cost that kind of makes you think “oh, let’s save some money -I can do it myself!” And while you CAN do a lot yourself (because you are a brilliant, independent woman), it […]

6 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Coordinator TODAY

May 7, 2019


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