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Jackson & June’s 2022 Year in Review

Jan 5, 2023

Photo by: Erin Deal Photography

Wow, what a year! 2022 was such a blessing for myself and this team. At the beginning of this year, we set the theme of making J + J a “well oiled machine” and I think we did just that.

It was my goal to fine tune our processes, our services, client experience, and our team. The reason I wanted this year to be our “fine tuning” year has everything to do with our mission: To help couples prepare for their wedding in a gentle, fun, and friendly way, leaving no detail untouched so they can focus on celebrating each other, their friends, and their family.

There is just no way for us to deliver on that mission if our internal foundations aren’t rock solid. And while this something we will always be striving to improve, I think 2022 set the stage!

Here are some things J + J accomplished this year:

1. We successfully executed 34 weddings!
2. We have 31 Five Star Reviews on The Knot and 12 Five Star Reviews on Google
3. We hired 2 new Coordinators and 4 new Assistants
4. We hit a major revenue goal
5. We created an internal Client Filing system that houses all of our client planning notes, pre-designated meeting agendas for each planning meeting, and fine-tuned our planning process for each planning package.

Photo by: Maggie Dunn Photography

6. Implemented a new wedding day staffing structure that includes a “Bride Buddy” aka: a 3rd J + J staff member present with the bride from hair and makeup to reception start.
7. Implemented a new “Kick Off” meeting with all Month Of Coordination clients the week before their package starts to review package inclusions, walkthrough the 6 week process, and expectation setting.
8. Automated our sales process to make inquiring more immediate for potential clients.
9. Started asking for feedback in the form of a Client Experience Survey after each event so we can constantly learn ways we can improve!
10. Booked 34 weddings for 2023 already!

Like I said, it’s been a year! And I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished!

Now, sitting here on January 4, 2023, I cannot WAIT to get started on this year!

Here are some things I hope to accomplish in 2023:

1. Execute at least 40 successful weddings
2. Create a new revenue stream:
a. Podcast?
b. Course?
c. Product?
3. Book 34 more weddings for remainder of 2023 and 2024
4. Improve Team Culture and team meetings
5. Fine Tune Planner Training Program

Photo by: Kayley Lorraine Photography

6. Reevaluate Marketing Strategy
7. Send monthly emails to email list by end of Q2
8. Receive feedback and/or review for 90 % of weddings
9. Book 3 corporate clients by end of Q4
10. Submit 1 wedding to a publication per quarter
11. Write 1 blog post per month

12. Post on Instagram 3x per week
13. Get more involved in industry and market networking
14. Continually serve our preferred vendors
15. Go on 2 venue tours per month
16. Implement Welcome gifts, thank you gifts, and wedding day gifts to clients

And our theme for this year? LET’S GROW!

A big thank you to our amazing clients who trust us to plan the most beautiful events and who literally make J + J possible, my team – you already know how much I love you, my husband who supports me and this business more than he probably realizes, Amelia for (sometimes reluctantly) sharing me with this business baby, and my friends and family for not thinking I’m totally nuts for keeping this thing going 🙂


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