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J & J Year-in-Review & 2020 Goals

Feb 27, 2020

Athens Georgia Wedding Planner

Okay, I know January is typically the month of setting goals, but honestly, we took some much-needed time off in January, so guess what? Now we’re talking goals in February/almost March.

Today I want to do a little “year in review” for 2019 and talk about what goals we have set for 2020! Goal setting and achieving is a blast for me, so I just can’t wait to share with you guys! 

First, let’s review the goals we set for 2019 and which ones we reached:

  1. Build and facilitate a community that supports engaged couples.
  2. Book 15 weddings.
  3. Up Marketing Strategy & Budget.
  4. Create More Intentional Social Media.
  5. Plan and Execute a Styled Photo Shoot.
  6. Purchase That Camera!
  7. Write for Another Blog or Publication.
  8. Create Relationships with Other Industry Pros.

Let’s Take a Closer Look:

Build and facilitate a community that supports engaged couples.
Honestly we are still working on this one, but I feel like we’re off to a great start. I’m still figuring out how to make this even stronger in 2020!

Book 15 weddings. 
We booked 24 weddings in our first year of business. 

Up Marketing Strategy & Budget.
We’re still working on this one too! So far our business has ZERO debt and we’re not about to start all that nonsense now. We’re taking full advantage of free/super low cost marketing strategies until we’re good and ready to invest. But it’s still something we’re working towards. 

Create More Intentional Social Media.
I think we did great things on social media this year! My goal was to not only post gorgeous wedding photos, but to put intentional messages and tips that would serve engaged couples in every caption. We also grew our social media from 0 to 1,500 last year! 

Plan and Execute a Styled Photo Shoot.
I had the pleasure of planning a gorgeous styled shoot at The Inn at Serenbe with some of the most lovely vendors around in September. 

Purchase That Camera!
We did! We really wanted a nice DSLR of our own to document our wedding days and to snap some of our own social media content. We saved up and bam! Bought that camera! 

Write for Another Blog or Publication. 
In 2019 we were featured in Martha Stewart Weddings, Classic City Weddings Magazine, The Engaged Wedding Planner Academy Blog, & BUSTLD Real Weddings Blog. It was an honor each and every time. 

Create Relationships with Other Industry Pros.
Since we moved to Athens, I have met the most wonderful “Friendors.” Seriously, if you want friendly vendors to band together to host your wedding, Athens is the place. 

It was such a great year, and I’m SO proud of all that we accomplished! 

Atlanta Georgia wedding planner

Now, for the fun stuff. Let’s talk about 2020’s Goals: 

Build and facilitate a community that supports engaged couples. 
This is a re-do from last year, but it is seriously at the top of my list. 

Up Marketing Strategy & Budget.
Fingers crossed we can do this in 2020!

Create More Intentional Social Media.
Although I’m proud of what we’ve done on social so far, I feel like I really struggle in this area. I’m hoping a new team member might be able to help me with consistency here. 

Hire an Associate Coordinator.
We are well on our way here! We’ve interviewed a handful of wonderful candidates over the last few weeks and are making a decision this week ! The goal here is to have another team member so we can take on even more weddings and to have a “right hand woman” to fill in when/if I’m away with Baby K. I’m seriously so excited about growing our J & J team and family!

Double Revenue for 2021 Bookings.
Let’s face it – we gotta make some money! We’re hoping to up our revenue so we can accomplish even more goals.

Create a Wedding Budget Webinar.
Since I started J & J, the topic I get the largest amount of questions about is the Wedding Budget. I’m hoping to put together a short webinar that walks couples through saving, setting, following, and not-breaking their wedding budget. 

Get 4 Weddings Published.
Our couples throw the most beautiful weddings, I want to show them off in beautiful magazines.

Get The Knot Best of Weddings Award.
We need 10 reviews on The Knot to receive this! Hoping to achieve this without a hitch! 

Plan 2 Styled Photoshoots.
Anyone want to join? 

Write and Implement a J & J Mission Statement & Core Values.

 J & J Mission Statement:

To help couples prepare for their wedding in a gentle, fun, and friendly way, leaving no detail untouched so they can focus on celebrating each other, their friends, and their families.

J & J Core Values:

  1. Kindess
  2. Compassion
  3. Light-heartedness
  4. Transparency
  5. Efficiency

Go to more Networking Events/Meetings
I’m such a homebody. I need to get out more! 

And that’s it!

The goals we accomplished last year and the ones we hope to tackle this year. Since we found out about Baby K’s arrival in August, I’m sure some things will ebb and flow, but hey, that’s what being a business-owning mom is all about, right?  I can’t wait to take you guys along for the ride! 

Happy Wedding Planning!


Georgia wedding planner

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