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DIY Wedding Decor : 5 Do’s & 5 Definitely Don’t’s

Jul 31, 2019

DIY Wedding

Do’s & Definitely Don’ts of DIY Wedding Decor

Raise your hand if you’re like me and LOVE crafting. My mom is a preschool teacher, so I feel like it’s in my blood, but I am one of those lucky folks who call themselves “crafty,” and if you raised your hand, you are too.

Most of the time, being a crafty person is a plus, but in certain situations, it can be a trait that’s really hard to navigate. And when I  say sometimes, I mean when you’re wedding planning. Crafty brides can feel compelled to take on every and all DIY task you can think of, but I’m here to advise you to resist this feeling! 

Don’t get me wrong if you’re a crafty gal and want to do a few DIY crafts for your wedding, you go for it! I just want to help you avoid some stress and not overwhelm yourself by trying to DIY every aspect of your wedding. 

So, in the video below we’ll talk through some key Do’s & Don’t’s for DIY Wedding Decor!

5 DIY Do’s:

  1. Do small, simple projects
  2. Do research the cost of supplies & the amount of labor required to complete your DIY- you might find that just ordering the decor from Hobby Lobby, Etsy, or Amazon would be cheaper and easier in the long run!
  3. Do a practice run a few months before the wedding
  4. Do schedule your craft time 
  5. Do recruit some help!
  6. Do be sure to leave your coordinator DIY Decor Set Up Instructions

5 DIY Don’t’s:

  1. Don’t take on large projects or projects that are many in number 
  2. Don’t Wait until the last minute to DIY
  3. Don’t rely on yourself to make signage or hand-address our invitations if you are not comfortable with your penmanship 
  4. Don’t plan things that require more than a couple hours of installation or set up
  5. Don’t allow your DIY’s to stress you out
DIY Wedding Decor

You’ve Got This!

Now that you have some sturdy DIY Guidelines, you’re ready to take on some simple and reasonable DIY Wedding Decor! I’d love to see what you come up with! Tag me on Instagram or email over some pictures of your DIY masterpieces. I can’t wait to see!

Happy Wedding Planning!

Interested in having the Jackson & June Events team plan, coordinate, or design your wedding day? Find out more info here!

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