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Vendor Spotlight: Russ Feltman Films

Feb 8, 2019

wedding videographer
One of Russ’s drone shots!

In The Spotlight: Russ Feltman Films

For today’s spotlight, I’m so excited to introduce Russ Feltman Films. This spotlight is super special to me because the owner, Russ Feltman, is my uncle! Russ has been in the wedding videography business for over 20 years and serves as a great wedding industry mentor to me. He not only has years of experience under his belt, he is also one of the most creative people I know. He is always working on some sort of project, whether it be building extravagant props for local theatrical events, creating fun videos at our family gatherings, or creating the most beautiful wedding videos you’ve ever seen, his wheels are always turning- and turning with passion.

As we sat on the patio and chatted about his business journey, I could hear the passion he has for his craft in every word. He talks about each wedding in such a unique way and finds absolute joy in connecting with his couples and their families. I mean he was telling me that just a few days ago a bride’s mom called and he wound up inviting the whole family over for dinner! He just cares that much about his couples.

He not only spends time connecting and getting to know his couples, his work is absolutely incredible! Trust me, I know, because he did our wedding video, which you can watch here.

I am seriously so excited for you to learn more about Russ, his talent, and his business. Needless to say, if you are looking for a wedding videographer, Russ Feltman Films is #1 on my recommendation list. So without further adieu, let’s jump right into Russ’s spotlight!

wedding videographer
wedding videographer

The Logistics

#1: Business Name: Russ Feltman Films

#2: Business Owner: Russ Feltman

#3: Type of Business: Videography

#4: Website:

#5: Social Media Contacts:  Facebook: Russ Feltman Films, Instagram: @russfeltman

#6: Location: Athens, GA and beyond!

wedding videographer done shot
Getting a bird’s eye view from Russ’s drone!

The Details

#1: When did your business open?: 1992, after I graduated with my degree in Commercial Photography & Video Production

#2: What inspired you to start your business?:  My long-time love of movie making and film. My very first video was actually in high school. It was of my cat Balidmare and a puppet monster – I called it “The Adventures of Baldimar,” and it was filmed on a camera I had convinced my parents to buy. It turned out pretty good, so I entered it in a Media Festival. It wound up winning state and national awards, so then my parents realized investing in that camera was a good thing. And that’s what started it all! I just love using the editing process to tell a story.

#3: What is your business mission?: To preserve peoples’ memories and to provide them with something they can pass down to their children.

#4: Tell us about your team members: For a long time it was just a one man show, but now it’s myself and my husband, Tracy. Tracy does the detail shots while I’m capturing the live moments. My cats are also involved in the editing process – they provide the calm.

wedding videographer

#5: What services do you offer?:  Wedding films, documentary films (we’ve done a documentary for the Alzheimer’s Association a few years in a row now), and special event films. I also design and create props for theatrical productions and special events. For our wedding videography, we offer a “Sneak Peak” video plus 2 hours of edited footage. Once the videos are finished they are uploaded online for the bride to digitally download.

#6: Describe your ideal client: Down-to-earth brides who are excited about their wedding day and their families. I also enjoy working with brides who are involved in the creative process- it lets me know they are excited to work with me!

#7: How would you describe your craft style?: Traditional, light, airy, playful, and upbeat. I like to find a balance between the tear jerking feelings of the ceremony and the high energy and fun of the reception. Music is really important in finding this balance, so I usually ask brides to pick 2-3 songs- something soft and emotional, then something upbeat and fun. I actually lay the music out first, then I place the footage on top of it – it really helps to unfold the story of the big day.

#8: What makes your business different from others in the industry?: I connect with my brides long before the event. I like to really get to know them and keep them updated on current work I’m doing- it keeps them excited throughout the process. And it’s so important to know each other’s stories! I want to be best friends with my brides and their families. They aren’t just clients, they really become family which works well since I’m very involved and right in the middle of all the dancing at the reception- I become one of the guests – so the video is from the guest’s point of view. I love what I do – it’s really not work for me.

wedding videographer
wedding videographer

About the Owner

wedding videographer

#1: What keeps you motivated?  The client’s excitement! I love seeing the couple share their video online with such pride and excitement and then seeing the responses from their friends and family – that’s so exciting to me. Knowing that I’ve done something good for the couple and their family definitely keep me motivated.

#2: Do you have a favorite song/band/artist? Brandi Carlile is my all time favorite artist. I love her down to earth/folky style.

#3: What is your coffee order? Finca 1510 – our friends own this coffee farm in Columbia and their coffee is delicious. That’s what we drink all the time.

#4: Favorite TV Show or Movie? I loved Heart of Dixie – it was so light and always made me feel good. One of my past brides was in it too! I also like movies like Hairspray or Mulan Rouge- This is hard question for me haha. Steel Magnolias is an all time favorite too – It’s probably the one I’ve watched the most in my lifetime. I love the powerful story of friendship.

#5: Do you have any pets? Yes. We love our 7 rescue cats, Tank, Lucy, Abu, Sophie, Sparky, Oreo, and Arnie. We even built the outside cats heated houses in the backyard!

#6: Is there a book, film, or podcast that has inspired you? It’s always been Disney for me. The stories of acceptance and the incredible art– it charges me up and always gives me ideas. Being at Disney World, seeing the world’s best minds come together to create inspires me. It stirs my creativity.

#7: What is something super unique about you? I can create pretty much anything out of Styrofoam, a hot knife, and paint. I’ve never really met anyone else who can do it. Haha. Also, I do most of my work at night. I can go to bed with ideas in my head and basically wake up with blue prints on how to execute them.

#8: How do you prefer people get in touch with you? Calling is more personal for me! Or you can visit my website and contact me through there!

BONUS from Sammy:

I’m adding this in because I think it’s so cool and displays Russ’s (and Tracy’s) eye for design even more – their house was actually a horse stable that they have totally renovated. See the before and after pictures below!


Check Out Russ’s Videos

Watch a few of Russ’s videos from his portfolio below. Visit his Youtube Chanel or his website to view his entire portfolio!

Merelise & Chris – Piedmont Driving Club 

Tiffany & Greg – Champions Retreat Golf Club

Emily & Jon – Old Edwards Inn

Sammy & Alex – The Thompson House & Gardens

wedding videographer

It’s Your Turn In the Spotlight!

If you enjoyed reading about Russ Feltman Films, reach out to Russ! Even if you don’t have a need for a videographer at the moment, follow him on social media so his business is tucked in your back pocket for future use!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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wedding videographer


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