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Hi there! Welcome to the J & J Blog. A place for pretty things and wedding tips.

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Okay, who here thought acne would go away once you became an adult? This was something I believed to my core and sincerely prayed for as a teen. One day, when I turned into an “adult” my skin would magically become as clear and luminous as the movie stars. Guess what? This DIDN’T happen. And […]

How to Prep Acne-Prone Skin for your Wedding Day

Dec 3, 2019


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You are Beautiful Wanting to look your best on your wedding day is something everyone desires. We want our soon-to-be husband or wife to be blown away by the vision-in-white walking down the aisle to them and our pictures to look magazine-ready- but the way some brides achieve this goal breaks my heart a little. […]

5 Ways to shift your mindset from “Shedding for the Wedding” to Healthy, Glowing Bride!

Mar 18, 2019


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Tale as old as time… Raise your hand if you have a mama, grandma, aunt, or cousin that you absolutely adore. Okay, raise your hand if you love the sentiment behind wearing your loved one’s wedding dress on your big day. Now raise your hand if your loved one was married 30+ years ago and […]

10 Ways to Incorporate a Loved One’s Dress on Wedding Day

Nov 28, 2018


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Let’s Get Real Here… Today I want to talk about a topic that isn’t focused on much in the bridal world…. Comfort. While planning weddings, we focus so much on the perfect dress, show-stopping shoes, stunning jewelry, flawless hair and makeup, the list goes on and on. But what we don’t think about is the […]

Bridal Beauty or Bridal Comfort? You can have both!

Aug 23, 2018


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