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Vendor Spotlight: L. Hewitt Photography

Feb 2, 2019

Maryland wedding photographer

L. Hewitt Photography

For today’s Vendor Spotlight, I am so excited to feature L. Hewitt Photography. I connected with owner Leah on Instagram and haven fallen completely in love with her photography. She catches moments in such a detailed way that I found myself staring at each one of her photos for like minutes just so I could take in the facial expressions, backgrounds, and colors. You definitely can’t just flip through her portfolio in a few seconds, you have to stop and admire.

Leah also loves to travel and photograph different environments and cultures. She mentions several times her love of exploration, and I think that translates into her photography as well. Seriously, check out her website and you will see wedding photos like you’ve never seen before. There is nothing generic about Leah’s photography.

Let’s create something unique.
All weddings are unique. From an eight person treehouse ceremony overlooking a Scottish loch to an epic 3-day
Indian fete, everyone is different. Let us help you have a fun, stress free celebration that is uniquely yours.”

– Leah Hewitt
Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer

Leah will not only make your wedding look like a unique, magical, fairytale in your photos, she will also capture the ENTIRE day. She’ll even arrive an hour or two before you get dressed for the big day. She and her team are then with you throughout the ceremony, formal pictures, and your reception, capturing emotions and details along the way. She gives a full layout of her client experience on her website so you know exactly what to expect!

I seriously can’t wait for you to learn more about Leah’s photography. Let’s get started!

Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer

The Logistics

#1: Business Name:  L Hewitt Photography

#2: Business Owner:  Leah H

#3: Type of Business: Wedding Photography


#5: Social Media Contacts:  @lhewittphoto (everywhere)

#6: Location:  Baltimore, Maryland and willing to travel!

Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer

About the Owner

Maryland Wedding Photographer

#1: When did your business open?:  4/10/2010

#2: What services do you offer?:   Wedding and engagement photography

#3: How would you describe your craft style?:  Magical wedding photography with character & heart.

#4: What makes our business different from others in the industry?:  I think it’s different because my imagination is different. One of my clients once said to me “I don’t feel like you photographed our wedding, I feel like you painted it” — and that’s the feeling I aim for. I want clients to feel like their portraits are uniquely theirs. I like to embed the images with secret symbols for the clients like old renaissance paintings. I want the photos to radiate feeling, but in a really interesting and special way — it’s not just about taking a pretty picture and it’s not just about capturing a moment (I mean who wants to be caught in the middle of an ugly cry?) And one more thing: I’m not looking for safety in flat light, like I see in so many images online. I love the land of hard sunlight – it’s like a whole world embedded on top of the regular world we see. The way it moves and changes throughout the day – it’s always a safari to capture the geometry of shadow and find out where my clients live inside of that world.

Maryland Wedding Photographer

#5:What else would you like your potential clients to know about your business? Or you?:  Aside from photography, I think the experience is everything. I’m giving up my time to you and you’re giving up your time (and trust) to me. And because I think the world ripples with beauty in vistas, in people, and in experiences – let’s do something amazing with this little slice we’ve given each other. I want clients to feel like treasured family. I once photographed my sister-in-laws wedding and cried all the way through the editing process. When I take someone on, I want to invest wholeheartedly. I want to cry for them too. I want that beauty to spread everywhere.

#6: What keeps you motivated?  Every day: mint and cinnamon tea. Like, gallons. For my clients: gratitude and a love of making beautiful things for them.

#7: Do you have a favorite song?  Right now Jon Hopkins, which was a recommendation from a client (who doesn’t like it when I call them clients because they’ve become good friends)

#8: What is your coffee order?  London fog. I swear, I probably get it because the name is also cool.

#9: Favorite TV Show? Right now: Parts Unknown w/ Bourdain, or Broad City

#10: Do you have any pets?  Two kiddos, one is homeschooled, and the other is in a high school for smart people because I can’t keep up with him. And the official line on pets: we are one cat short of being cat ladies.

#11: Is there a book or podcast that inspires you? Radiolab

#12: What is something super unique about you?  My dad was a diplomat and I moved abroad a lot when I was a kid. I used to make up magical worlds when I was really little. Like, I would walk to the bakery and have to walk a certain way because otherwise I’d wouldn’t be transported to the right alternate universe to get to the bakery or get back home. But moving the way I did, I had a lot of strange and interesting experiences, so I was fed the right kind of ingredients. I’ve brought a refined version of that magic back into my photography and I like approaching the world like a kid because you get such joy from it. It’s just fun.

#10: How do you prefer people get in touch with you? By email! 

Maryland Wedding Photographer
Maryland Wedding Photographer

It’s Your Turn in the Spotlight!

If you enjoyed reading about L Hewitt Photography, reach out to Leah to learn more! Even if you don’t have a need for a wedding photographer at the moment, follow Leah on social media so she is tucked in your back pocket for future use!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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Maryland Wedding Photographer

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