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Vendor Spotlight : The Inn at Serenbe

Jan 11, 2019

The Inn at Serenbe: the perfect Georgia Wedding Venue

For today’s Vendor Spotlight, I am so excited to feature The Inn at Serenbe. Since my younger sister, Stevie, started working at Serenbe a few years ago, I have completely fallen in love. It is honestly one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and sustainable places I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, it’s a dream of a place to host a wedding.

The unique part about Serenbe is that the owners have made it their mission to take care of the natural land while creating a serene sanctuary for their residents and guests.

They say that if you want to change the world, you should start in your own backyard. If that’s so, then Serenbe is quite a beginning. At Serenbe we value nature, passion, creativity and community. We believe people can live more fully when connected to the wonder of nature. We value people for who they are, not what they are or what they do.
This is a community where people live, work, learn and play in celebration of life’s beauty. A place where connections between people, nature and the arts are nourished.

Along with a residential area, Serenbe has an Inn, restaurants, shops, farm land, walking trails, an outdoor theatre, a floral shop, and multiple locations to host a nature-scene wedding. I mean, your wedding weekend would not only be a fun-filled Saturday night, it would be a relaxing retreat for your guests!

I can’t wait to tell you more about this magical wedding venue! Let’s get started!

Interview with Stevie Seay, Serenbe Public Relations Coordinator

The Logistics

#1: Business Name: The Inn at Serenbe

#2: Business Owner: Serenbe/Steve Nygren

#3: Type of Business: Event, Travel, and Residential destination

#4: Website:,,and

#5: Social Media Contacts: @serenbe and @innatserenbe

#6: Location: Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia. Just about 30 minutes outside of Atlanta.

The Details

#1: When did your business open?: January 1, 2004

#2: What inspired you to start your business?:  Steve Nygren discovered a 1901 Farmhouse in the Georgia countryside after retiring from a very successful career of opening the Pleasant Peasant restaurants in Atlanta. He and his family loved the farm so much they decided to move full time in 1994. After a few years of renovating their old home into a B&B for friends and family, they discovered a bulldozer taking down their beloved land. Steve then dove into action as an attempt to save the land from urban sprawl. In order to do so, he gathered city planners, conservationists, architects, and fellow land owners to form the Chattahoochee Hills Alliance where they worked together to figure out a solution to urban sprawl. With that, he decided to create a planned community built with the land, rather than against it. Today, Serenbe is home to 30 retail shops, 650 residents, 70% preserved greenspace, 4 farm-to-table restaurants,15 miles of trails, a 29 room Inn, 25-acre organic farm, thriving outdoor theatre (Serenbe Playhouse), General Store, independent bookstore, floral shop, and more. The best reason to live here is the life here!

#3: What is your business mission?: To create a community where people can live, work, learn and play in celebration of life’s beauty.

#4: What services do you offer?:   We have indoor and outdoor event spaces for corporate meetings/conferences, luncheons, weddings, receptions, ceremonies, workshops, and retreats. We also have an onsite florist and onsite catering for our events and weddings!

#5: Describe your ideal client:  Anyone and everyone! Serenbe has something to offer for everyone.

#6: How would you describe your craft style?:  While we accommodate each bride/party for their own unique style, the overall ambience is very nature-inspired. Our event spaces are beautifully emerged into the lush green wooded forests of Chattahoochee Hills and our landscape team does a phenomenal job of creating beautifully landscaped spaces that change/grow with the seasons.

#7: What makes our business different from others in the industry?:  Your entire wedding party can stay on property with our Inn, guest cottages, and rental houses. Everyone can park their cars and travel through the community via foot or golf cart, so travel throughout the community is very simple and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. While the Inn is a bit more secluded, you and your guests have access to the rest of the community – farm-to-table restaurants, art galleries, a spa, trail riding, and more! You can either have a secluded, relaxing wedding weekend or shower your guests in exciting and easily accessible experiences!

#8:What else would you like your potential clients to know about your business? Or you?:  We have in-house catering using the freshest, local ingredients plus an on-site floral shop.

#9: What keeps the Serenbe team motivated? Seeing people’s lives transform for the better. It’s so interesting to hear why people decide to move to Serenbe – some are for the farm, for the community, for nature….but the most fulfilling is seeing a family who has really benefitted (mentally, physically, and emotionally) from living in a community inspired by people and nature.

#10: How do you prefer people get in touch with you? By email!,

It’s Your Turn in the Spotlight!

If you enjoyed reading about The Inn at Serenbe, reach out to learn more! Even if you don’t have a need for a wedding venue or event space at the moment, follow Serenbe on social media so it is tucked in your back pocket for future use! Or just go for a weekend getaway at The Inn! It’s seriously incredible!

Happy Wedding Planning!



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  1. What a beautiful venue! So perfect for an outdoor wedding!

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