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10 Gifts for your favorite Bride-to-Be

Dec 5, 2018

bride gifts

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases*

Help Santa Out this Christmas

Do you have a newly engaged gal in your life? Maybe your sister, a cousin, your daughter, your BFF? Or heck, maybe it’s you that has the new hardware on your left hand! Despite who you’re shopping for, I’ve compiled a list of gifts that your favorite Bride-to-Be will adore this holiday season.

From tumblers to clutches, to necklaces to books, I’m so excited for you to dive into this list of bridal finds!

10 Gifts for your favorite Bride-to-Be

Our list starts off with two cutie Kate Spade bridal tumblers. Any bride-to-be will love sporting her bridal status in the office or at the gym. $20.00/$18.00

Kate Spade Bridal Tumbler


Kate Spade Bridal Coffee To Go

Next we have this adorable farmhouse-style coffee mug. I feel like Joanna Gaines may have had a similar mug when she was a bride. Don’t ya think?  $16.65

Bride Coffee Mug

Rae Dunn Magenta Ceramic Mug Bride

Our next item is a little bit of a bigger purchase, but has quite a few goodies tucked inside! This Bride-to-Be Gift Box is priced at $79.95. 

Bride-to-Be Gift Box


Bridal totes are SO helpful for a jam-packed wedding weekend. I can’t tell you how thankful I was for my bag that I drug with me all wedding weekend. This cutie scored some really great reviews too! $29.98

Bride Tote

Mud Pie Bride, Gold Sequin

This next one is for all of my Type A brides out there. When an organized woman gets engaged, the first thing she’ll want to do is start writing down plans. This Wedding Planner & Journal is a perfect (and cute) way to help her do that! $32.95

Wedding Planner & Journal

Not a lot of people think to turn to books while wedding planning, but I’ve heard great things about this one! Help your favorite bride-to-be eliminate some major planning questions right off the bat with this wedding guide book! $39.99

The Reverent: Wedding Guide


I mean, these bridal giftbox goodies are PERFECT stocking stuffers! They are also handmade by my friend Sarah at Honeybee Giftboxes$31.50

Bridal Countdown Giftbox


This personalized necklace would have brought tears to my eyes when I was engaged! You could have the bride’s new initials, wedding date, or engagement date stamped on one of these gorgeous 14K gold or Sterling Silver necklaces. $36.00 – $48.00. 

Personalized Stamped Necklace


I can’t get over how beautiful this lace clutch is. It would be absolutely perfect for a bride to carry at her bridal showers, rehearsal dinner, or even on wedding day! $47.00

Bridal Clutch

image 0


Finally, every bride needs a comfy “bride” shirt to do her wedding planning in. You can even order it in a burgundy color to catch the wine spills. LOL. $18.00+

Bride Vibes Shirt

image 0


Happy Shopping

Have so much fun sprinkling your bride-to-be with fun engagement goodies this holiday season!



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