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7 Tips to Take your Bachelorette Weekend to the Next Level

Oct 17, 2018

bachelorette weekend

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Brides, grab your MOH and a pen!

It’s here. The time to start planning your bachelorette weekend is here, and if you’re anything like me, you are ecstatic. You and your best friends have been talking about this for years and none of you can wait to start planning!

And while bachelorette weekends are one of the most fun parts of engagement, they can quickly run amuck if planning isn’t collaborative and expectations aren’t set early. So grab your MOH and your gals and let’s dive into 7 Tips to Take your Bach Weekend to the Next Level.

Nashville bachelorette weekend

7 Key Bach-Bash Planning Tips:

# 1. Start Planning Early

During engagement, you are going to be planning 1 million things, so don’t let your bachelorette weekend add to that stress! Go ahead and decide on a timeframe early, so you and your gals will know exactly when to start nailing down details. This way time doesn’t get away from you and all of the sudden you’re a month out from your wedding trying to throw together a bach weekend. Bach weekend = fun, not stress!

For example, if you are getting married in November 2019 and you want your bachelorette weekend to be a month or two before the wedding (let’s say September), you probably want to talk to your girls and have a date picked out by March or April. That way, it is already marked on calendars and you can grab an Airbnb or a hotel for a cheaper price. After you have a date and a place set, you can relax until July or August- then you’ll have a month or two to nail down the details.

Nashville bachelorette party

# 2. Set Expectations and Communicate Thoroughly

If you don’t take away anything from this post, PLEASE take away this. Your bachelorette weekend is going to be different than the rest of your wedding prep because you’re not going to be the primary planner. Your Maid of Honor is supposed to lead the bridesmaid pack and plan a weekend to celebrate YOU! Although you won’t be calling the planning shots, your girls need to make decisions with you in mind. Sitting down with your MOH very early on to set expectations will help your girls do this.

Now when I say set expectations, I’m not telling you to demand specific details or boss anyone around, I’m talking about big picture expectations that will impact your level of enjoyment.

For example, if you want an absolute rager, tell them. If you want a milder party, tell them. If you are really uncomfortable with phallic-shaped decorations or strippers, definitely tell them.

All jokes aside, if you think there is a chance one of your girls may do or bring something that makes you uncomfortable, make sure your MOH knows this and communicates the message loud and clear to the rest of the girls. This weekend is to celebrate YOU, don’t forget that.

bachelorette weekend

# 3. Make Reservations Early

My girls did such a great job with this! My BFF, Lily researched restaurants in Nashville (yes, I did the Nash Bash- no shame, Nashville speaks to my soul) and made reservations the week before so we didn’t have to wait at all! This is so beneficial when you have a big group – you don’t want anybody getting hangry if you have to wait 2 hours for dinner.

# 4.  Divide and Conquer

This one is mainly for MOH and the girls. When planning the weekend, be sure that the work (and more importantly) the cost is divided up evenly. Bach weekends can get really costly, so you want to make sure that Suzy didn’t pay $500 for decorations and goody bags when Polly only contributed $5. That can easily cause tension and put a damper on the weekend.

Also designate a few gals to arrive early to decorate the house/hotel before the bride arrives. My girls did this and it was such a wonderful surprise! It showed me how much thought went into the weekend.

bachelorette party decor

# 5. Schedule your bash on the same weekend as your fiancé

This absolutely isn’t essential, but we did it and it was so much fun! We would Facetime the guys while we were all out and it was hilarious. Then Alex and I got to swap stories all day when we both got back. It was just a little bit of added fun.

#6. Make an Itinerary

You don’t have to plan every minute of the trip, but with a large group, it really helps to have an idea of your activities for each day. It just ensures that things run smoothly and you are maxing out your fun levels. Remember, brides only get one Bachelorette Weekend, so make every moment count!

bachelorette weekend

#7. Shower each other with goodies

I mean who doesn’t love girly gifts, tattoos, and party favors? Here are just a few cuties I found:

bachelorette weekend
bachelorette weekend
bachelorette weekend
bachelorette weekend
bachelorette weekend

Now Let the Celebration Begin!

Have so much fun, take lots of pictures, and soak up every minute celebrating with your girls. If you need any help planning, let me know! I’d love to help! Cheers!

bachelorette party

Happy Wedding Planning!



Planning Tips

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