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8 Cute, Functional, & Affordable Bridesmaid Gifts!

Oct 3, 2018

best bridesmaids gifts

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The Search

When I was planning our wedding, I remember searching high and low for the perfect gifts for my bridesmaids. I wanted something cute to incorporate on wedding day, but I also wanted the girls to be able to use the gift again. While I found a few cute and functional gifts, they were SO expensive. I had 11 bridesmaids, so expensive was not what I was looking for.

The Solution

Luckily, there are websites like Amazon and Etsy where you can find cute, functional, AND reasonably priced gifts! So today I want to provide you with a list of 8 gifts that are sure to show your girls just how much you appreciate them!

The List

bridesmaid gifts

#1: Robes

I know this trend is absolutely everywhere, but I think it’s for a great reason! Having robes to get ready in adds to the glamour of the day and makes your pictures look absolutely precious. It also ensures that your bridesmaids will get ready in a garment that won’t mess up their hair and makeup when it’s time to put dresses on.

bridesmaid gift

Oxford Cotton Robe: This is the robe I purchased for my bridesmaids (pictured in our group photos above)! They are made with Oxford Cloth, which makes them feel similar to a guy’s button down shirt. They were SO comfy to get ready in- especially since it was very chilly that morning. I ordered the Taupe Color and had the monograms in white. For the monograms, I only used the first letter of each girl’s name. I did this because most of my girls weren’t married yet, so I didn’t want to use their current monogram and it be irrelevant when they change their names in a few years!  I purchased them from Joyful Tidings Etsy Shop and was very pleased! Approximately $27.00 each.

bridesmaid gift

 ◊ Lace and Cotton Kimono: I love the lace detailing on this one! These cuties are 100% cotton and are designed to fit like a lightweight kimono. It comes in 12 different color choices and comes in size XS- L. $18.00-$21.99, depending on the number in order.

#2: Drinkware

Wine, glasses, coffee mugs, tumblers – who doesn’t love to have cute drinkware on hand?

bridesmaid gift

◊ Kate Spade Tumbler: I mean, this is beautiful. I want one for myself and I’m currently not even a bridesmaid.  What makes it even more beautiful is that it’s $12.60! What a steal!

bridesmaid gift
bridesmaid gift
bridesmaid gift

Kate Spade “Hocus to my Pocus” Tumbler: I want to give this to my BFF just because it’s so stinking cute. Totally worth the $18.00.

bridesmaid gift

Wine Tumbler: What bridesmaid wouldn’t want a device to keep her wine cold all day?! This beauty comes in a variety of colors and wording. $25.00.

#3: Accessories

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, right?

bridesmaid gift

11 Piece Set: Gray Canvas Makeup Bags: I love a good makeup bag, don’t you? Especially when I’m getting ready for something special. These come in a set of 11 bags and measure 9.8 x 6 x 2 in. so most standard makeup brushes will fit. The best part – it’s only $32.00 for the set!

bridesmaid gift

Canvas Tote Bags: I feel like these are the winner for functionality for wedding weekend. Bridesmaids will be hauling their stuff around all weekend, so what better gift than a cute bag to stuff it all in? Another steal too – $20.00 for a 5 pack!

Start your search

I know these are just a few simple items, but hopefully they will help you get some ideas or at least know where to look! Have fun showering your gals with love!

Reach out if you have any questions or need any help!

unique bridesmaid gifts

Happy Wedding Planning,



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